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Are you interested in taking a Fat Cavitation course at the Sunshine Coast to learn more about body sculpting techniques?  Why not learn from the best?

With Everything on Fleek Beauty’s Fat Cavitation course, you can study online and have the option to do your practical training via skype or take what you know with the confidence to start straight away. 

Transform your career in the beauty industry with our super popular online body contouring training course!

The Comprehensive course covers 3 of the effective body contouring treatments, 




With my tailor-made training, you will learn the latest techniques, safety protocols and best practices for each treatment.

 By completing this course, you will become a body contouring specialist and gain a competitive edge in the industry. You will be able to offer a range of popular and effective treatments to your clients, providing them with the best results. 

Jes has been in the industry for over 7 years she has taken the time to go through this course to make every one of her students confident in becoming the best body sculpter they can be. She is always available for questions after the course has been completed so is with you every step of the way. She also can tailor make machines to suit your budget and needs.

So, what are you waiting for? sign up for your online body contouring training course today and take the first steps towards transforming your career in the beauty industry!!


what is fat cavitation and radio frequency?

Fat cavitation works by eliminating fat and toxins via the lymphatic and urinary systems. It is commonly used with Radio Frequency to tighten the skin and eliminate cellulite. Fat cavitation is for people who want to eliminate built up fat tissue, lose weight in specific areas and to reduce cellulite.

Radio frequency is a non-surgical skin tightening technique that ‘wakes up’ your collagen. It is done by releasing gentle radiation into your dermis which provides heat. When your dermis is heated over a period of time, it produces heat shock proteins. These heat shock proteins stimulate your cells to create new collagen fibers which helps tighten the skin-

who is this course designed for 

If you are looking to add a new service to your already existing business or start from scratch, this non – invasive body sculpting course is for you.

In our fat cavitation online course we cover

  • Facial skin tightening
  • Fine wrinkle removal
  • Mandible and neck skin tightening
  • Improves the condition of sagging skin
  • Forehead wrinkle removal
  • Contouring Back
  • Contouring Stomach
  • Contouring Legs and buttocks
  • Hand care
  • Weight loss and Sculpting
  • fat cavitation

  • what area’s can be treated
  • what is ultrasonic cavitation 
  • who can have the treatment 
  • rf skin tightening

  • what area’s can be treated
  • what is rf skin tightening 
  • who can have the treatment 
  • included documents 

  • Consultation forms
  • Consent forms
  • Before & after forms
  • Certificate of completion  

Everything you need to know to become an expert in fat cavitation, body sculpting E and radio frequency! Please fill out the form below to start your Fat Cavitation Online course 


The practical elements of this course needs can be completed after the theory in person if you wish to have hands on experience.


Fat Cavitation & RF Skin Tightening Online Course
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