Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite treatment

cellulite treatment is to help reduce the appearance of small dints on areas like the legs, stomach and booty that is generally caused from loose skin, decreased muscle or weight loss. We have tailor made a treatment to attack the affects from all angles. The treatment is made up of a few different treatments heads to combat the cellulite. We use RF skin tightening to help correct loose skin, as we all know when the skin is pulled taught the effects of the cellulite are less noticeable.

EMS, electronic muscle stimulation to burn fat and build muscle. This helps with keeping the skin tighter and building those area’s out.

Lymphatic drainage, to remove the fluid in between the connective tissue to lessen the lumps and make the area smoother.  

how many sessions do you need

It can be difficult to give a set number of treatments as there are so many factors that come with trying to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is recommended at least 6 sessions. We offer a pack 5 with the 6th session free to get you started on your journey. Treatments should be done every week and session times varey depending on what is being done.

Price $160

Duration: 40 Minutes