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ems sculpt Sunshine Coast

Tone & define your muscles with a catch… there’s no sweat! 

 Sometimes no matter no hard we work to maintain our bodies, there are unwanted pockets of fat that will not budge. 

EMSculpt uses advanced body contouring technology that tones, defines and sculpts the body by burning fats and building muscle. 

The best thing about EMSculpt? It’s a non invasive treatment option! 

A few years ago, liposuction would have been the only option to target those unwanted fat pockets. This is a big surgery that takes its toll on the body. 

EMSculpt has no down time and the treatment can be completed in as quick as 30 minutes! 

So, what is EMSculpting?

Great question!
EMSculpt uses a high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to target your chosen treatment area. Thousands of electric pulses are sent through the muscles in the treatment area which causes the muscles to contract. This can be equivalent to doing 20,000 sit ups in a 30 minute session! 
The muscle contractions lead to new muscle mass being formed and improve the body’s ability to metabolise fat. 

Along with the obvious increase in muscle and decrease in fat, our Sunshine Coast EMSculpt patients also report a range of other benefits including: 

  • better posture 
  • improved performance at the gym and in group sports 
  • reduction in back pain 
  • increase in body confidence and self love

To watch the process of EMSculpt, watch the video below

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