Cosmetic Tattoo Sunshine Coast

Cosmetic Tattooing sunshine coast

Wake up perfect everyday 

Everything On Fleek Beauty is your one stop shop to cosmetic tattoo Sunshine Coast! Wake up with the perfect makeup everyday. 

Cosmetic tattooing – lips

All WITHOUT the need for fillers and the unnatural looking pouts that we want to avoid.

Have your lip shape corrected with just the lip outline or have some lip colour deposited into the lips for a beautiful natural looking lip tone.

Lip procedures can be incredibly painful. Everything On Fleek Beauty only offers lip work because we know how to achieve beautiful results without the pain.

You will not find any Sunshine Coast cosmetic tattooing clinic able to offer painfree beautiful lips. 

cosmetic tattoo – face

The consult for freckles can be on the day of booking and the most you will pay for a full face is $500.

They are created using a fine needle to create as many freckles as desired over your nose and cheeks. Or even all over the face for that sun kissed look. 

Prices vary depending on the amount you desire. However the deposit amount is the same no matter how many you’re wanting.

Cosmetic Tattoo – brows

Brow tattoo are created with a cosmetic tattoo gun which is used to shade in the eyebrows. This procedure lasts around 1-2 years depending on the individual and aftercare taken.